A single-player, real-time simulation strategy game that is a lot of fun


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  • Program by Electronic Arts

A New Universe is Waiting to be Created

Spore gives gamers the opportunity to create and nurture their very own universe through five different stages of evolution. Players can also choose to focus on making creatures as well as vehicles, spaceships and buildings using the Spore Creator tools. This game has been eagerly anticipated by gamers for many years. Does it meet expectations? Read on to find out.

The first stage is Create, and this allows gamers to design each and every aspect of their universe starting with tide pool amoebas. Gamers then use the Evolve stage to guide their creature through the five stages of evolution. Although this is a single player game, players can share their creature creations with each other to provide limitless world for the creatures to populate and play in.

Spore was created by Will Wright, who was the mastermind behind The Sims. Wright has taken the most popular features from The Sims and added quirky new dimensions that help make Spore an instant hit. The range of options that players are presented with is virtually endless, making this a game that can last eternally. The Spore galaxy is so large that it would take years to fully explore and conquer it, while players who concentrate on a single small corner will be able to enjoy hours of fun.

Spore features cartoony and colourful graphics that are instantly appealing. The tropical environments are very vivid and lush, while the volcanoes feature burst of flame and flowing magma. In short, the attention to detail that has been used in each and every aspect of Spore is spectacular. Although the main aim is for gamers to create their own worlds, the backdrops that are provided are so stunning that players are sure to want to spend plenty of time exploring them.

The game features smooth and crisp animations that really put gamers in the heart of the action. It has to be said that there has never been a game with as much scope as Spore. The sprawling storyline is captivating, while the huge replay capability means that players who are not satisfied with their creations have the option to return to an earlier stage and learn from their mistakes.

It addition to being visually stunning, Spore is also very witty. Characters often act in surprising ways that make for an entertaining experience. no matter what type of scenario you are interested in, Spore has it covered. People who have always dreamed of exploring space will be treated to a very realistic and yet uniquely imaginative stage that also features plenty of surprises along the way.

The scale of the game is absolutely astonishing and players will be able to progress from guiding a primitive microbe all the way to exploring Outer Space in all its majesty. Perhaps the most exciting and engaging aspect of Spore is that it encourages player creativity. Special DNA points are awarded for performing activities like hunting for food, fighting and socialising. Players can then use these DNA points to buy parts for their creature.

Spore is almost like a lesson is evolution and biology and the choices that players make when creating their creature will be reflected throughout the game. However, almost everything in Spore is optional. If you feel the desire to go off on a tangent and explore the desert of jungle, you are free to do so. People who don’t feel like being very creative can use the creatures that have been created by design specialists to interact with other creatures and explore the Spore universe.

If there is a drawback with Spore it has to be that it can take several hours to get to the really fun part of the game. The early stages focus on cell development and can be a little slow when you consider the fun that waits to be enjoyed during later stages of the game. However, these stages are an essential part of Spore and it is worth the time and patience that it takes to get through these stages to the later parts of the game.

Overall, Spore is a great game and is already receiving rave reviews from a wide range of satisfied gamers. The game is virtually free from bugs and provides a very smooth experience. In many ways it could be said that Spore explores areas of world creation that other games can only dream about and anyone who likes The Sims is sure to be blown away by the creative opportunities and stunning design of this game.


  • A huge variety of game play
  • Impressive outlets for imagination and creativity
  • Free from bugs and glitches
  • Stunning graphics
  • Endless hours of fun


  • The early stages can be a little bit slow
  • Players are unable to rename their star systems and planets
  • The inventory needs to be managed better so that it is easier to find elements and tools
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